Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I just came back from watching the movie Valentine's Day with a bunch of friends and it's funny, it really didn't hit me that it was Valentine's Day until I watched it. The best part was Julia Roberts' line at the end after all the bloopers.

It's nearly 2AM and Valentine's Day has come and gone. Even though I don't have a significant other to celebrate this Hallmark and Chocolate non-holiday I did have a beautiful Sunday. Good times with ones I care about and a couple of movies. I'm an easy one to please... all I need is good friends, good food, and a good movie (or even a semi-ok one to make fun of).. and I'm set.

I'll end this post with some sugar cookies I did last year (and before my fancy camera). They're of cute underwear decorated with Victoria's Secret's designs as inspiration and some cute hearts. What does underwear have to do with Valentine's? Well.. what's a day of love without some...
loooooooove? ;)

This says, "I love you" "Friend"