Friday, July 9, 2010

Neat Stuff: Wilton's 101 Cookie Cutters

 Cookie Cutter Box 2

My love/hate saga with Wilton continues...

I was looking for cookie cutters with the alphabet in it.  Considering how many decorated cookies I've done in the recent years it's amazing I haven't invested in them before.  The closest craft/baking store to my home is Michael's.  A lot of the products they carry are extremely over-priced in my opinion but when you're strapped for time... you make due with what's available to you.  Thankfully, there are coupons online that float around that are about 40%-50% off on one item.  I search these coupons out before I go so I do end up saving some money.. which I'm ALWAYS a fan of.

Cookie Cutter Box

This box has 101 cookie cutters ranging from cute bunny heads to Christmas related ones to animals to the alphabet and numbers.  As I was looking at this, I noticed something...

Cookie Cutter Box 3

Do you see what I see?  I thought to myself..."What the heck??? Where's the 9 and 0???  What a rip!!"

Then I realized... the letter "O" could be used for a zero and the number 6 can be turned upside down for a 9.  It reminds me of this one episode of Married with Children when Al and Jefferson are building something and one asks if they have more "L's" and the other says, "No, all we have are these 7's."  Never mind... I'd be shocked if ONE person knew what the heck I was talking about...

Cookie Cutter Box Back

I don't know why they have to describe what it can be used for.  They're obviously cookie cutters and I'm sure if people wanted to use them for other crafting purposes like to make refrigerator magnets.. they'd figure it out on their own.

One huge downside was the height.  


Compared to the metal ones I see everywhere these are about half the size.
Comparison 2

It's not the worst thing in the world but it definitely is a bit of a pain when you go to cut the cookies and you can't have a very good grip on the cutters.  But a great thing about plastic cutters is that you don't have to worry about rust and it warping out of its shape.

Cookie Cutters

I realized for the reviews I do.. it would be a good idea to have a rating system.  So from here on out my rating system will be that of spatulas. 5 being "Absolutely Stellar and Highly Recommended" and 1 being "Don't Get It Unless You Like Spending Money on Useless Junk."

So for this, Wilton's 101 Cookie (and other Craft uses) Cutter, I give 4 Spatulas.
4 Spatulas

Despite its shortness and unorganized packaging, 101 cutters is a bargain for $10 (that is, with my Michael's coupon).