Friday, July 23, 2010

Bruxie is Coming


If you live in Orange County and live in the Orange/Tustin/Santa Ana area... Bruxie is coming soon.



  1. At this point, even his countrymen are exasperated by Neymar’s fakery.

    The Brazilian corner of the internet is awash with Neymar memes – Neymar rolling down a highway, Neymar being held up by a baby walker, Neymar with training wheels attached.

    On Monday, his play-acting reached a new level of aspiration. Late in the game, England he was bundled out of bounds. While he sat there complaining, Mexico’s Miguel Layun came over to fetch the ball. As he did, he made a point of stepping on Neymar’s ankle. It wasn’t a stomp. It was more a gentle application of pressure.

    The Brazilian didn’ Arsenal Jerseys t register it at first. He was too busy whining.

    But once he did, he went into fits. He began rocking and spinning at the same time in what looked like an attempt at break dancing. He convulsed spasmodically.Paris Saint-Germain. Among dozens of enthusiastic rule-breakers in Russia, he is the most shameless, and with very good reason to be so.

    It’s this part of the game that repulses newcomers. North Americans have been raised with a midcentury Manchester City, Boy Scout ethos in sports – rules are rules, men are men and no one likes a cheater. It’s a middle-class perspective. It’s the outlook of the comfortable.

    Soccer is the sport of people in more precarious parts of the world. It is especially Tottenham Hotspur the sport of the grindingly poor. They’ve been raised to be suspicious of the Marquess of Queensberry ideals and the elites who practise them, usually to their own benefit.

    Sometimes you need to cut a corner, especially if that gets you over on authority, as represented by the referee. It’s not a coincidence the national teams that make a great point of playing the game the so-called “right way” are often the most bourgeois – Germany, England, Japan, et al.


    Diving and injury-faking get the most attention, but the Laws of the Game are myriad, crystal clear and broken routinely at this level.

    Signalling that a card should be flashed after a foul is itself a cardable offence. It happens constantly and always goes unpunished.

    A free kick is meant to be taken wherever the foul occurred. Players roll the ball forward several yards before their attempts. Only when the kick is being taken right on top of the opponent’s goal does the referee enforce the rule, by spraying a little circle around the spot where the ball is to be placed. He has that little faith in his charges’ honesty.


    There are very few scenarios in soccer in which one player attempts to inflict serious injury on another. That line gets crossed constantly in fairer North American games, but rarely in soccer. Punches are never thrown.

    Switzerland to do that. The system moderates acceptable bad behaviour and is self-reinforcing.