Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neat Stuff: Moo


About a month and a half ago I was sorting through my email and found something that got pushed aside.  Since I've gotten my BlackBerry I get all my emails immediately and I often open it and close it without bothering to really read it thinking I'll go back and read it later.  Then, of course, I forget about it.  One of the emails I brushed off was an email from FoodBuzz.  They send me emails quite frequently so I thought it was something unimportant.

Box 2

Upon deeper inspection I realized it was telling me that I could get free "business" cards from a site called, Moo.  They're actually cards to tell people about your blog.  I guess all the featured publishers of Foodbuzz get a box of free cards.  When I went to the website to order it, I was disappointed to find out that I couldn't customize the photo in the back with my own.  But, the default photos are beautiful nonetheless.


When I counted there was about 35 different cards.  

Cards 2

Some, of course, I liked more than others...

Dessert Cards

They're small.. maybe about half the size of normal business cards.  Very cute but I feel like the chances of people losing it are greatly increased.  But, for something that was completely free (they paid for shipping too!) they'll do just fine.