Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Boiling Crab

~A brief break from desserts~
Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab
14241 Euclid St.
Garden Grove, CA 92842
(714) 265-2722

On Friday, my brothers and I went to The Boiling Crab for dinner.  I've heard about this place for a while now but never had a chance to make it out.  As much as I've heard about it... I realized I didn't know much about it.  I knew they had seafood but I didn't know how it was served... which I'll get to.


The place is infamous for their waitlist.  Before we went my brother made a comment about how we should get ready to wait at least an hour... even more so considering it was on a Friday night.  We got there and it turns out it was only a about a 30 minute wait.  As we waited, I took out my camera and started shooting.  I told my brothers to smile and this is what they gave me:


For some strange reason our family doesn't take too many family photos (shocking I know considering how into photography I am) so I thought I'd take this opportunity to take some.  I kept shooting and my brother who wasn't appreciating it very much gave me this lovely photo:

Jak Eun Oppa

I guess I should mention that he wasn't really flicking me off.  It was more like, "Since you won't stop taking pictures, take a picture of THIS!"  He's a nice guy... really, he is.  Wait, there's one more.

Oppas 2

At least he's smiling in this one right?  Haha!

ANYWAY.. back to the restaurant.  We were waiting and I couldn't help but to notice this store right next to The Boiling Crab.

Super Cheap

Why are Asians so funny with their business names?  I even heard about a Pho King.  Yeah.. sound it out.  


Our name was called and we walked in.  No wonder the wait is so long.. the place is tiny.  We got seated and immediately I noticed the table was covered with paper with almost like a laminated feel on the surface.  I left the ordering to my brothers and I think it was called The Whole Shebang.  Then someone came by to tie a plastic bib around each of our necks.

Decor 2

In addition to the meal we got some cajun fries.


These were spicy.  I can handle spicy but it was more spicy than I was expecting it to be but it was good.  The first two bags to come out were the shrimp and crawfish.  So earlier when I mentioned how I didn't know how it was served, I meant this..


They come in bags.  You just take them out with your hands and just start peeling and eating, discarding the shells and guts right on the table top.  At one point I actually started cleaning.  I don't know why I did that.. so pointless!

Shrimp 2


The shrimp was good but the crawfish was waaaay too much work for the little meat it had.  Next, came the king crab legs but at this point my hands were covered with seafood juices so I couldn't take photos.  It was good too but I couldn't understand how the shell was so soft.

Budwiser Plane

The last thing to come out was the dungeoness crab.  This was something I couldn't pass up photographing so I went to the bathroom to wash my hands.


It was a good size, but the meat was crumbly.  I don't know if it was because of the way they cooked it or if it was the quality of the crab but it wasn't all that good.

All in all it was a good meal.  I just wish they would let us choose the sauces per bag instead of everything being the same.  I was getting sick of the sauce halfway through.  The bill came out to close to $100 for the three of us.  Whether that's a good deal or not isn't something I can really comment on.  I suppose it is considering how many pounds of seafood we ended up getting, but I think my brothers could have eaten more.


I don't know if I'll be going back anytime soon but my overall first experience was a pleasant one. 


  1. the boiling crab is good, but i don't know if it's worth the wait ( i waited about 2 hours my first time and i don't really know if there's anything out there worth waiting that long unless it's some home cooking), but 30 min is pretty good. i just like the shrimp and crawfish, but i feel like its just more of their sauce i'm eating and i always leave with my heart hurting. did you get the 3 for 5 dollar bahn mi and rite aid ice cream for dessert?

  2. I agree. I felt like I was eating more sauce than anything else. Bahn mi? What's that? Did they have that on the menu? I didn't even look at the menu.. just left the ordering to my brothers. There's a Rite Aid there? Hahah I didn't see that either.. Next time I'll look out for those!

  3. still haven't been. will never go. there's just better (cheaper) seafood elsewhere. think Seafood Village's FRIED lobster! Bánh mì is Viet-Franco sammo (cuz "sammies" is so last year).

    Cute pix of the bud plane though! I don't know how you managed to make that look good!

  4. I demand the immediate removal and deletion of the pictures with the rather handsome gentleman giving the camera the finger. I am deeply and profoundly offended by the blatant display of such obscene gestures and also demand that you cease and desist posting such material on your blog and/or Facebook in the future.

  5. Anonymous (aka my very self conscious oppa)- No. It's my blog and facebook and I'll do what I want to!

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