Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to Las Vegas - Jean-Philippe

Before I left for Vegas, Kelly (whom I work with), had recommended that I see this chocolate fountain at the Bellagio.

Chocolate fountain? What's so great about a chocolate fountain?

I was picturing something like one of those large chocolate fondue fountains. I Yelped it and saw that it was called Jean-Philippe.


Well, before I had made it to the Bellagio my friend, Jessica, and I randomly came across this patisserie as we were walking through the Aria hotel. This was one called Jean-Philippe as well. I was so confused. We didn't have time to stop and gawk so I told Jessica that we'd HAVE to come back. But because it started to rain the next day... we were limited to making one stop.

The next day we grabbed lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe and had a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity (as in the previous post). Then we made our way to the Bellagio to see this chocolate fountain.

We turned the corner and saw this..
Chocolate Fountain 2
My lens and the amount of people hovering around this thing made it hard to get a good overall shot but I'm sure you can tell it's pretty ginormous.

When you'd look up, you saw this:
Chocolate Fountain
There's a mirror up there too so don't get confused like I did.

Chocolate Fountain 4
Here's the plaque that was right underneath the Jean-Philippe sign:
World's Largest Chocolate Fountain
A Guinness World Record?? Yeah... that's pretty huge.

Chocolate Fountain 3

The store wasn't all that big but they jam packed a whole lotta goodies into it.


Goodies 2

Goodies 23jpg

Goodies 4

Goodies 5



I wanted to taste EVERYTHING but at this point I had reached my limit. I bought these to take home.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Sweet Cracker with Toffee Bits

I gave the chocolate covered pretzels away and brought home what I thought were chocolate covered pretzels with nuts. But what it turned out to be was a cracker covered in the silkiest dark chocolate I've EVER tasted with toffee chunks.


So yes, it was delicious.

There's photos of cakes they had on display. But that will, again, have to wait another post because there's A LOT.

To be continued... again!


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