Monday, March 15, 2010

At Father's Office


After my photography class this past Saturday some friends and I went to Father's Office in Culver City.

I've heard about this place for a while and how their burger is amazing. Usually, when people hype something up a lot for me it's extremely disappointing. I have unrealistic expectations.. what can I say.

Boy, oh boy this DID NOT disappoint.

Alcohol is not something I take well to. I get what's called the "Asian Glow." The bright pink/reddish tone to all the places I have skin. It gets really embarrassing so I try not to drink but they had over 100 beers on tap. Before we went my friend, Hannah, had sent me this link on Hulu that was called After Hours with Daniel. They apparently pair their beers with their food like wine. So I decided to give a beer a try.

My friend's friend, George, ordered the beer for me so I don't remember the exact name of the beer but it had "nutty"in it. Haha sorry.

George had taken the liberty to order for the four of us and this is what we got.

The BEST sweet potato fries I'VE EVER HAD. It was thick and crispy but moist inside.
Sweet Potato Fries

Some sauteed mushrooms. Also, very delicious!

Shrimp. It had a little bite to it. Also, quite delicious.

And now.. for the pièce de résistance! Their famous burger.

It was the juiciest and the most delicious burger I've EVER had. Meat was SUPER tender and moist. The onion marmalade added a sweetness to the burger... the arugula added a slight bitterness that offset the sweet onions a bit. Oh man.. I want another one. RIGHT NOW.

Burger 2

We had so much food I could barely finish my unbelievable burger.

Beautiful weather, delicious food, a slight afternoon buzz, with a wonderful company of friends filled with laughter. Life should always be so blissful.



  1. Love the burger in the hands shot!

  2. Thanks!! My friend was sitting next to me and she just held it out for me to take the photo. Look at all that blood soaked into the bread!