Monday, March 22, 2010

Susina Bakery & Cafe


A couple of weeks ago I went up to LA to go to a photography workshop then met up with some friends to eat. We went to Father's Office for lunch. You can read about my experience here. Afterward we went to Surfas (also goes by the Culinary District), the restaurant supply store to do a little shopping.


I wanted to hit up a dessert place while we were up in that area so I did some research and found 2 places: Sweet Lady Jane and Susina. It was a toss up and Susina won out.


For some reason, I forgot I had been there before. As soon as I walked in I remembered eating some of the desserts a few years ago. I couldn't remember much from my previous experience.. only that the white cake with berries was good. There were four of us, so we got one slice of cake.. for each person.. plus an extra one.

Mini Tarts

This was A LOT of desserts for 4 people but there was so much to try!



Here's what we got:
Red Velvet.
Red Velvet
This was... good. Not dry and good flavor. No complaints here.

The Chocolate Raspberry Cake.
Chocolate Cake
This was good but I personally like more intenseness in the chocolate than what this had. Mousse was rich but the cake could have been more so for me. Hannah liked it a lot though.

Fruit Tart.
Fruit Tart
Nothing super extraordinary about this one. It was good.. but not outstanding.

Mandarin Orange Cheesecake.
This was the worst. It had a weird aftertaste that all four of us didn't particularly like.

The Berry Blossom.
This was what I remembered getting the first time I was there. It was the best one of the 5 by a clear mile. Fluffy white cake with a sweet, but not too sweet, airy cream with berries in the center. The outside was coated in meringue and white chocolate and was absolutely delicious. I want another one... right now.

All in all.. it was OK. Not the best desserts I've ever had but definitely not the worst either. I'd go back... for that Berry Blossom... and maybe to try some other cakes before writing them off as just OK entirely.

Here are some other photos of goodies they had on display.

Candy 3




  1. it was not impressive at all!! just visually tasty but that was about it. yes the blossom and the chocolate were the clear winners but personally i won't be going there again. plus the coffee sucked. booooo for susina

  2. i wanna eat that white blossom berry goodness right now....
    next time you have to go to sweet lady jane and get their white cake with berries and compare!