Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cupcake Camp OC - Cupcakes for the Masses


Today was Orange County's CupcakeCamp.

With 4 hours of sleep I managed to make 35 Red Velvet Cupcakes, 30 Coconut Cupcakes, 3 lbs of cream cheese icing, 70 hand made cupcake liners with logos, and 30 sugar roses in less than 24 hours.

Ok.. some of that is a fib.

I prepped the roses a week ago and made 15 the day before then finished off the last 15 yesterday.  But the rest of it's true.

It's becoming painfully aware to me just how much of a procrastinator I really am.  Grant it, I started making the roses a couple of days ago as opposed to just yesterday but I always end up killing myself by putting things off till the last minute.  I guess I can cut myself some slack considering my plate has been unusually full for the past couple of months or so.

Yellow Rose 2

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got there today.  Trying to find my way around and finding a place to set up was a bit challenging but eventually I settled into a table where I laid all my cupcakes out in neat rows.

Yellow Rose 3

I felt really good about what I made.  It was actually really cool to see people come up to them and take photos.

Cupcakes 3

After taking some photos of my own I walked around to the surrounding tables.  I don't remember which table belongs to which company.  Sorry!  A lot of people kept walking in front of me as I was trying to take photos so I just didn't have the patience to sit there and wait to get a clear shot of everyone's signs. But you can see a list of professionals who donated here.

World of Color

Milk and Cookies





Pink and Black

Pink and Black 2

This stand was cute.


Childhood Inspired Cupcake Competition

I actually ended up leaving very soon after snapping all these photos.  A lot of people were in a limited space and I have a hard time being around so many at once.  So, sadly I left without tasting any cupcakes.  I think I misunderstood how things worked, too.  You had to have a raffle ticket in order to sample a cupcake and each ticket was $1.  For some reason I thought we were able to eat as much as we wanted... hhmm don't know where I got that.  oh well, maybe next year.