Wednesday, January 20, 2010

San Fransisco Treat

I don't know about you guys but I had an awesome weekend. A friend of mine is getting married and we surprised her with a trip to San Fransisco for her bachelorette party.

Lots of great talks, walking, and oh my.. GREAT FOOD.

Most of this great food I'm referring to was provided by one of the bride's maids' mom. Seriously... the highlight of the trip. It was hearty... delicious.. comforting... and Korean.

We were on a tight budget so we couldn't go anywhere too fancy. I was kicking myself in the butt after we came back for not doing enough research on local cheap places to eat. But we did find a good Thai place right across from the Hilton, where we stayed. I forgot the name of it.

There were also chains of diners called Lori's Diner all over the city. Our hotel was a few blocks from Union Square. It was typical diner food but we were so hungry (we hadn't eaten in over 18 hours!) that it was absolutely delicious.

While we were walking around there was a man selling churros on the side of the street. After some pondering I decided to buy it. It was cold... haha I should have known! He had them underneath a newspaper sitting out in the cold windy and slightly raining weather. But.. it was still delicious. I could tell it would have been superb had it been fresh and hot.

I was looking on my Google map application on my Blackberry and saw that Fleur de Lys was within walking distance to where we were! For those that don't know, the chef of Fleur de Lys is a French chef Hubert Keller.
I'm ashamed to admit that the only reason I know of him is because he was on Top Chef Masters. His restaurant is pretty legendary.

Anyway, so I dragged one of my friends so I could see this famous restaurant. I knew it would be waaaay too expensive for my wallet so I just wanted a picture. It was closed... but I wasn't surprised since lots of upscale places only open for dinner.

It was really fun. Unfortunately, I don't get to travel much but next time... more research.. and more photos.

I almost forgot...

There was one place that I DO NOT RECOMMEND. We were looking for an Italian restaurant because the bride-to-be loves Italian food. One we stumbled upon was called Puccini & Pinetti on Ellis Street by Union Square. Not only was the service horrible (the waiter checked on our table maybe 3 times in the span of 2 hours, one of which we spent waiting for the food) but the food was NOT worth the price. One dish that was pretty delicious was the Mushroom Ravioli. My friend's weren't too happy with there only being 5 but at least it tasted good.

(Photo taken from Yelp by Kevin Y.)

I had the Prosciutto Pizza that had olives and preserved lemons. It was really salty. For me, the flavors just didn't work.

So if you're ever in San Fransisco #1. DON'T EAT THERE, #2. Do some research and search out some good, cheap places because I'm sure they have more than the small I've sampled.


  1. yay, SF trip! so much fun! i agree, that thai place was pretty good. no frills eating that's tasty but not greasy...yum. i think it was called old siam or something like that? but it definitely didn't beat homemade Korean we had...i'm definitely on a mission to learn.

    i hope we get to have more food adventures together in the future!

  2. ooh here's the thai restaurant we ate at:

  3. A great trip! A wonderful place...



  4. glad you guys enjoyed the homecooked meals
    why am I always referred to as "one of the bride's maid"? :(