Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mr. Marshmallow Snow Man

This is a continuation from the Christmas present cupcakes blog I did a few weeks back. There will be a series of these as they were all done for a church event I helped to organize for a teen shelter. Tonight a few of the ladies at my church went to do a Christmas Cupcake Decorating Workshop. Overall I think it went well. The ladies seemed to be having fun. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures due to privacy for the residents there but these Christmas Cupcakes were all prepared for this purpose.

As I mentioned in my previous post these ideas were taken from Martha Stewart's Cupcake Cookbook. There was a snowman cupcake in the book that was pretty plain. So I added my flair to it.

Here are the items I used for the following instructions to make a snowman cupcake:

Snowman: Jumbo Marshmallows

Snowman's Eyes, Buttons, and Hat Rim: Brown Jimmies (Sprinkles)

Snowman's Nose: Orange Slices
Scarf: Sour Belts

Hat: Rolos

Snow: Crystal Sugar

Take a cupcake and ice the top in a messy fashion.

Grab 2 jumbo marshmallows and cut one in half horizontally.

Stick the smaller marshmallow on top of the other using a little buttercream to paste it together.
Then taking a toothpick poke holes for the eyes, nose, and buttons.
TIP: Wet the toothpick so it doesn't stick.

Take some brown Jimmies (the longer ones work better) and stick them into the eyes and buttons.
For the nose, cut a small piece of any orange candy.

Take some crystal sugar and sprinkle it all over the OUTER RIM of the iced cupcake. Try to avoid getting it in the center as the snow man will go there and will not stick well if there is a layer of sugar on top of the buttercream.

For the scarf, take a sour belt candy and cut it in half horizontally and vertically... but more even and prettier than what I had done.

Use a good amount of buttercream to put all around the neck of the snowman and attach the scarf.
Place the snowman on top of the cupcake.

For a snazzy-er scarf fold the second half of the sour candy and slip it into the scarf.

For the hat put some buttercream all along the rim of a Rolo chocolate candy. I keep the foil on because I have warm hands and tend to melt the chocolate before I can get it on the snowman.

Dip it into the brown Jimmies.

Add more buttercream on top of the snowman's head and place the Rolo on top.

Too cute, no? Bravo Martha Stewart's people for the base of this creation.

Instructions for the wreath, Christmas Tree, and Holly Berries coming soon.


  1. This is unbelievably cute. I showed my husband. He was impressed...even during the Super Bowl. That's really something.

  2. Where did you get your sugar crystals?

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