Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Wreath and Holly Berries Cupcakes

Continuation of the group of Christmas Cupcakes.

For this Christmas Wreath get some icing and color it green. Ice the top of the cupcake with a white icing and make the top very smooth.

Next, take the pastry bag and cut a "V" or an "A". Either one is fine.

Then pipe leafs all along the outer edge of the cupcake.
I guess the trick to this would be to squeeze and slowly loosen your grip and you pull the leaf out.

Do a second layer right on top of the first.

Do a third row if you'd like. Then, add some pearl sprinkles and that's it!
You could also do the same with RED ICING and make POINSETTIAS or use YELLOW/ORANGE ICING and make SUNFLOWERS.

For the Holly Berries, I'm not even going to show a step by step.. this is obvious why right??

So instead I'll show what I used.

As you can see I got both of these at Walgreens. A tip for the leaves, I cut one of them in half like sandwich bread because one is way too thick.