Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Summer Night's Sugar Coma

 Good Luck

First, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me for my Bakla-who? entry.  Please continue to vote for me in the Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog competition!!!

So, about the third challenge.  Here's the prompt:

...the next challenge is to hold a party for your friends and family. Whether you're an experienced host or an entertaining newbie, get creative and host a luxurious dinner party where your guests will discover new tastes and exotic flavors. Share your hosting secrets with readers, like how to cook for a crowd, plan a menu, or involve guests in the prep.

Wow... where to even begin.

Dinner Guests 2

Well, let me start off by saying that this is the first "luxury" anything I've ever done or attempted to do let alone a dinner party.  I learned a heck of lot about hosting a party.  

The main thing?  It's hard, man.


In reading the challenge the first thing that came to my mind was,  

"I don't cook.  How on earth am I going to throw a dinner party???"  

Since my blog is primarily a dessert blog I asked permission to do a dessert menu and was granted.  Heaven's to Betsy thank goodness!  If I had to cook... I would have dropped out of the competition faster than you could say, "OH, heeeeeeell no!"

Dinner Guests 3

After several days of agonizing over what to put on the menu I knew I had to keep some sort of a theme to help narrow down my options.  It's been insanely hot here in Orange County this past week with 108 degree days to sudden down pours of rain where the sun was shining before, during, and after.  Even though it's officially autumn it sure felt like the dead of summer... in Asia... with slightly less of the humidity. 

Dessert Menu 4

In keeping with the running Summer theme this week I decided to do desserts with fruit.  Feeling ambitious and excited for the challenge, I went with four courses with a small appetizer to start.

Dinner Guests 5

Here's my first tip: PLAN

Plan, PLAN YOUR BUTT OFF.  The more preparation and planning that you can do, the less likely you'll forget a garnish or small details like plates and table cloth (Yes, I really did forget those. In my initial planning, anyway.). 

Since my menu had 5 different items/dishes with several different components in each one I created myself an Excel spreadsheet of the different recipes and ingredients I would need.

Prep List

You (and the rest of mankind) are probably thinking,

"Really?!  A SPREADSHEET??? Is that really necessary??"

No, of course not.  But it sure does help when you're trying to remember what goes with what and what's already been made and "wait.. do I have enough sugar at home??"

I work with a really talented chef who is a restaurant consultant and whenever he prepares dishes for his clients there is always a list of ingredients needed, a binder of recipes, plating specifications, and a production schedule to keep him as organized as possible.  Believe me, it works.

Dinner Guests 8

Whether you're cooking for a small party of 4 or an entire restaurant, you have to know what you have, need to buy, what to prep days before, what to do on the day of, and get your timing down.  And by timing I just mean to get everything done before your guests arrive.  

It's easier said than done, my friends. 

Speaking of timing, here's my second tip: ASK FOR HELP

I did not plan well enough (shocking, I know after looking at my cool and fancy spreadsheet) because on the day of the party... I was scrambling. 

The day of the party I got out of work later than I had anticipated and still had a crazy amount of things to finish up.  As I was running around trying to finish everything I got a series of texts asking if I needed anything.


I didn't want my guests to do anything.  My goal was for them to have some good food and have a great time.  But I was running on just a few hours of sleep and I needed help.  The friends at the party are some of my favorite people and they came because they wanted to not only eat some free food but also because they care for me.  Chances are, the private, "luxurious", and intimate parties you have at your home will be the same.  So if you forgot ice... or you need an extra hand carrying groceries, your friends will help you.  Don't feel like you have to do everything yourself... Like I did.
Everyone came on time and we started our dessert party.  

Which leads to my last tip: ENJOY THE PARTY WITH YOUR GUESTS

Dinner Guest Collage

This is self explanatory.  I couldn't do much of this myself because I went a bit overboard with the complexity of my desserts.  In the end, the people are there to see you and the other people there.  Sit down, relax and have great conversations.

A Sweet Start 
Coconut Macaroons with Bittersweet Chocolate Drizzle
Coconut Macaroons

Meyer Lemon Mousse Made with Freshly Squeezed Meyer Lemons
With a Tart Cherry Compote Garnished with Candied Meyer Lemon Zest
Meyer Lemon Shooter

Fresh Peach Tart Baked in a Buttery Tart Crust

Topped with Homemade Streusel
Peach Tart

Light & Fluffy Orange Chiffon Cake Layered with Vanilla Mousseline
Glazed with a Zesty Orange & Grand Marnier Icing

Orange Cake

Heavenly Raspberry Frozen Soufflé
With a Raspberry Puree & Whipped Cream
 Raspberry Souffle

A Bittersweet Ending
Toasted Graham Cracker Crust with Bittersweet Ganache
And Toasted Marshmallow Fluff
(This one was a impromptu bonus for the chocolate lovers)

Everyone had wonderful things to say and even though it was a lot of desserts in one sitting.. I have a pretty good feeling they left feeling satisfied from all of the sugar.  

Dinner Guests 9

Their faces say it all.


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