Saturday, September 18, 2010

So... What's This "Nads' Bakery" All About Anyway??

Me.  Plain and simple.  

That's the conclusion I came to after weeks of thinking,  pondering, reflecting, and rethinking what the "hook" of my blog is.

Before I continue I should probably explain why I've all of a sudden decided to unleash this sudden need to declare myself to you. is having a contest called Project Food Blog where over 1,800 food bloggers that are featured publishers on the website compete to see who has what it takes to be a food blogging star with a series of challenges to stretch our blogging skills.

The first challenge is to explain what defines me as a food blogger. Part of the prompt reads:

"Consider what makes your blog unique and sets you apart from other food blog brands: 

is it your foolproof recipes, NOPE

your mouthwatering photos, Uhh Maybe

or your perspective on family meals?  DEFINITELY NOT

Write a post that comes from the heart and is true to you and your blog."

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that sometimes I can be a little blunt.  Often times I say things I probably shouldn't be saying.  So maybe I shouldn't be saying this but... I don't have a hook.  **GASP!!!!**

My blog doesn't have foolproof recipes that I've brilliantly come up with.  It doesn't show hilarious photos of cakes with improper spelling.  It doesn't show gorgeous photos of a beautifully decorated and well thought out table setting for a chocolate souffle.

I enjoy food.  I enjoy taking photos of food.  I enjoy sharing things I love with others... and food lets me do that.  Whether it be a delicious meal I had or a wonderful recipe I discovered or me failing at a new recipe.  Anything worth while in life is best enjoyed when sharing with other people.  Haven't you ever watched something side-splittingly hilarious that you instinctively looked around hoping someone saw it too?

So this is me.  Sharing with you my successes...

Gianduja Ice Cream

Chocolate Macarons 3

Jae 2 utter failures...

Cracked Out 2


...and everything in between.

I'm a baker... photographer... and food blogger.  And that's it.

(Entry #1 Ready, Set, Blog!)


  1. Yay, Nads!!! Your stuff is awesome!


  2. Wow! Even your failures look pretty tasty! Just gave you a vote! Great pictures!! You can check out my entry here: Thanks!!

  3. I've never been so impressed with a food blog that uses the word "disaster" with such frequency. It's very accessible, since we've all had our share of disasters. Does that count as a hook? Regardless, you've got one of our votes.

    Lick My Spoon

  4. i'm a fan already! good luck with the competition.

  5. I think macaroons is the best thing which could have happen in the world. They are sooo tasty. I'm macaroon-addicted. But I can't cook. I can't even fry eggs normally. So I need to buy them all the time, and macaroons aren't usually very cheep. I need to write a lot reviews to ean money for them)

  6. I really like you blog and most of all for your honesty with those failures photos :) I am not that great in cooking but you inspire me to grow :) Thank you for posting!