Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 4: Philadelphia - Touring Philly

Philly_Love 2

On Monday (April 19th) Jackie had to go to work which left me alone until about 5PM.  I had decided to walk around Philly taking photos and doing the touristy thing.  All throughout the weekend I've been taking photos non-stop and I felt bad for making her constantly wait, quietly with no complaint, for me as I took my pictures.  This was a great opportunity for me to leisurely take photos of the beautiful sights I had seen while driving around.. not to mention getting some form of exercise in.


Since I was going to be out and about all by myself Jackie took it upon herself to draw me a map of the places I wanted to go.  "It's not to scale," Jackie said as she sketched it out.  I essentially was making a big box starting from "home", getting some coffee, to the Liberty Bell, to the famous "Love" park, then a bite to eat.

First stop.. some coffee.

Philly_Spruce St Espresso

Very cute coffee place right down the street from Jackie's apartment.  I sat and enjoyed my biscotti and coffee out in the gorgeous day.  By the time I got my coffee it was around 11 o'clock.  It wasn't the plan to go out so late but hey... it's a vacation.  


Philly is a beautiful city.  So much history... I could see and feel it in the city as I walked around.


Philly_Buildings 2

Maybe it's living in Orange County pretty much all my life but I don't think I've really been exposed to a place with so much history in the United States before.  Even some of the run-down rusty buildings gave the city so much character.  It seemed like all the buildings had gorgeous columns with detailed statues.


This was especially true of City Hall.

Philly_City Hall

This was the day I really wish I had a different lens.  It was hard to try and grasp the beauty of everything I was seeing with a lens that limited the photos I wanted to take because everything looked so up close.  But I still managed to capture the essence of what I was seeing.

Philly_City Hall 2

Philly_City Hall 3

Half the time I didn't even know what I was looking at.  I just kept taking photos.

Philly_Buildings 3

There were these plaques all over the city explaining different bits of historic information which helped.

Philly_Buildings 4

City Hall was actually the third stop after coffee.  The first was the Liberty Bell.  Inside they had a long corridor with different facts and displays that had to do with the Liberty Bell.  One of which was this:


That particular section described how the Liberty Bell was used on many products marking its significance in the area.  Leave it to a dessert freak like me to take photos of a butter wrapper... and nothing else.  Well, minus the actual Liberty Bell.

Philly_Liberty Bell
There were surprisingly a lot of people there considering it was a Monday.

My last stop before lunch was the Love Park.


It was gorgeous there.  I hadn't realized that this was even in Philly.  For some reason I thought it was in New York.  I also didn't realize there was a huge fountain right behind the sign as well.  Taking photos were actually a little difficult with the wind blowing all the water to my face.. and the camera.  Oh well... it's the price to pay for a great shot.


  1. you are great with a camera.

  2. That was crazy.. I JUST posted this!!! Hahaha. Thanks!!

  3. What a great place with lovely buildings! Wonderful clicks!



  4. dude. your pictures look amazing.
    philly actually looks.. beautiful hahahah.

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