Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Fat Duck

(photo taken from

A month or so ago Kelly (the man I work with) went on a little mini vacation to the UK for his birthday. Whenever he goes anywhere he makes it a point to visit many different restaurants to keep him current and fully aware of the trends in food. As a restaurant consultant.. it's his job to know what's what out there in the food industry.

One of the places he dined in was The Fat Duck. Sounds funny right? Yeah.. but this place is NO JOKE. I saw some of the photos that Kelly took of the meal and it seems extremely unusual for a casual dinner (one of the 8 or so courses came with a conk shell with an iPod in it with ear phones so you could listen to the waves while eating food on a glass plate with real sand underneath it). But from what Kelly told me... it was truly.. AN EXPERIENCE. And one of the best meals he's had in a long time.

London is known for bad food... but definitely not this place.

Even after 2 plates of dessert Kelly was able to walk out of the restaurant with a small bag of sweet goodies that he brought back for me. Perks of working with a man who's around food all the time!

I'll apologize now for the bad quality of photos. I took them in my room with very bad lighting.


Menu/description of what was in the bag.

The menu items and desserts played off the Alice and Wonderland theme due to the movie right around the time of its premiere.

In order..

Aerated Chocolate

Aerated Chocolate 2
I was expecting a chocolate truffle and it definitely wasn't. It was... interesting.

Coconut Baccy

Coconut Baccy
I think this would have been great if it wasn't stale. It was a good week or so by the time this left London and landed in my mouth. But it still had good intense flavor.

Apple Pie Caramel
YUM. Melted in my mouth.

Queen of Hearts Envelope
So cool...

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Inside
I wonder how the got the preserves in there..

Quite fancy I must say. I wish I could have experienced the food! It sounded absolutely AMAZING.

I'll be leaving on a short trip to Philly tomorrow night and coming back next Wednesday. I can't wait to eat some good food. You KNOW I'll be documenting the entire trip. ;)

Stay tuned. It's going to be a calorie fest like none other.